MIBURI means body movements and body poses Edutainment Program for Kids

"Move in Gestures – MIBURI TV" is a brain formation
dance program conceived on a scientific basis.
The show is hosted by Sasuga Minami,
one of the most famous choreographers in Japan.


Sasuga Minami

The program has four sections.

1. This dance is led by Sasuga Minami. Viewers learn today's dance
and mimic the dancing with music in front of their TVs.

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2. Learn about your body. Chiei Minemura, a manipulative trainer,
teaches us how our bodies work.
3. Dance together. Children dance along with local original songs.
There are several songs, but one song, titled "Com'n Kanagawan", expresses our love for where we live.
4. Dance delivery. Our staff visits various places offering workshops
and dance instructions.

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Let's dance along with songs & music!
Dr. Kisou Kubota Mrs. Kayoko Kubota
Dr. Kubota is a world-class authority
of Brain Science,
Mrs. Kubota is an educator of brain
and toddlers.
Sasuga MinamiSasuga Minami

If you dance everyday at the same for about 5 to 10 minutes, the benefits are amazing: you can improve your brain functions as well as your memory…just by dancing.

Because of this, we call it"brain formation dance."

It's simple: all you do is mimic the teacher and dancers on the screen. That way your mirror neurons and mimic cells in the prefrontal region of your brain are challenged and work actively.

The biological clock in our genes is actually 24.5 to 25.5 hours long.
This is called our circadian rhythm. But since a day is 24 hours, we have to live in tandem with the earth’s rotation. Our biological clock has to follow the 24-hour rhythm. Thus, when we see sunlight, our biological clock in our brain stem gives orders to our brain, internal organs and muscles to act in daytime mode. When the sun goes down, our night time functions set in. So if you get up, sleep, eat, and exercise or dance at a certain time, the brain and body work in rhythm; This makes us healthier and less prone to getting sick, and thus more prone to living longer, healthier lives.

So let's dance everyday at a certain time, and get smart and healthy!


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